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Free Online Attorney Match Service

Founded and operated by attorneys licensed in the U.S. and China, is the first venture of its kind to provide bilingual lawyer-client matching service tailored to the needs of Chinese speakers in the U.S and English speakers in China.

The team consists of highly educated professionals who graduated from prestigious schools in the U.S. and China, most of whom have a wealth of experience as practitioners across the Sino-US business and legal spectrums. Our website’s lawyer-client matching feature allows you to easily find nearby attorneys who have expertise in the appropriate legal field. As part of our lawyer-client matching service, we connect you with member lawyers based on the information you provide regarding your case or claim.

How It Works:

1. Filling an online questionnaire: Our online questionnaires are designed by experienced lawyers. They are classified by cause of action so that our lawyers can efficiently review and evaluate your case or claim based on the information you provide. It takes you only a few minutes to fill a questionnaire, and our lawyers will promptly contact you after reviewing your case.

2. Intelligent lawyer matching: Our lawyer matching service is customer tailored to fit your individual needs. You will be instructed in our questionnaire to provide your particular preference regarding the lawyer you are going to hire, i.e., the lawyer’s field of expertise, rate and method of payment of lawyer fees, the language you prefer to use when communicating with the lawyer. Based on your answers to these questions, our intelligent system will search our lawyer database in your region and provide you a list of the most suitable attorneys for your case.

3. Choosing the right lawyer: After receiving the list, you can check each lawyer’s background information provided therein. All lawyers listed will contact you to discuss the details of your case. You may make your hiring decision after talking with them or directly contact the attorney that you would like to hire.

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