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Client Interview: Fake Lawyer Filing Immigration Forms

Ms. Liu was a U.S. citizen and wanted to apply for a family-based immigrant visa for her son. She found an agency who claimed to be an immigration law firm on newspaper advertisements. When she visited the agency, Ms. Liu was told that a licensed attorney would fill the required application forms and file a petition for her, and that the cost was $600. Ms. Liu agreed and paid the money.

However, 3 months later Ms. Liu received an INS notice requesting her to modify the petition because of multiple mistakes in the application. Ms. Liu went to see the “attorney” again and to her surprise found the “attorney” could not even understand the meaning of the notice. What surprised Ms. Liu more was that the “attorney” took out a reference book to compare her notice with other notices in the book. Although Ms. Liu began to doubt the qualification of the “attorney,” she had to rely on her service because she had already paid for it.

Later, the application was sent back for errors by the INS for a second time, and Ms. Liu finally realized that she had hired a fake lawyer. To avoid repeating the same mistake, Ms. Liu found and hired a real lawyer after making some careful research. Her son’s immigration application was accordingly approved thereafter.


For details of Ms. Liu’s story, please watch the video below.


Ms. Liu’s story reveals a problem that has perplexed many people, particularly the minorities living in the US. That is how to find a competent and trustworthy lawyer. Learn from the lesson of Ms. Liu. Let 1855LAWYERS’ FREE ONLINE ATTORNEY MATCH SERVICE help you find someone who can really help you when you need professional legal help.